Voice Trunks

We can assist by either adding the legacy Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Trunk to your existing PBX or by selecting the more advanced SIP Trunk option.  The result will be the optimization of your network capacity and the provision of increased flexibility of your existing PBX or key system investments. In addition, voice trunking will also provide the foundation for specialist advanced services as your business grows.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Trunk

The use of a Primary Rate Interface will reduce hardware and transmission costs and leverage your existing legacy PBX investment with seamless integration.

We include a wide variety of features such as caller ID and head numbers as standard. Infonas can provide up to 30 dedicated channels per trunk as well as guaranteed connectivity.

The PRI Trunk is advantageous for growing businesses as it will allow you to instantly and incrementally upgrade your business communications to your requirements.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk

SIP Trunks are provided over our premium optical fibre network and offers a cost effective solution for clear delivery and reliable digital transmission as well as Infonas’s standard assurance of quality and security. Infonas can work with your organization to converge your local, international and broadband services onto a single trunk connection with dynamic bandwidth allocation for each service to help you get the most from your current network.

Our SIP trunks have the added benefit of providing instant support for disaster recovery and failover through the use of our IP network distributed architecture.

Infonas’s extensive network assures our clients of:

  • A system which interfaces directly with your PBX through PRI lines/E1s or SIP trunks
  • Crystal-clear digital transmissions and excellent voice quality
  • Ever-reliable connectivity and total security via our advanced fibre optic backbone
  • Support for up to 30 voice-grade circuits (B-channels)
  • Out of band D-channel signaling to minimize call set-up time

Infonas offers competitive local and international rates as well as the option of adding toll-free and premium rate services for your business. If your company needs an upgrade then do not hesitate – call Infonas today. Our team of dedicated experts is waiting to offer their support.