Consider Infonas’s Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) to enjoy international calls without the inconvenience of changing your local supplier. CPS is an extremely beneficial telecommunications service which enables customers to choose Infonas to carry their international calls without any additional headaches such as auto-dialers, manual prefixing or PBX reprogramming.

This service is cost-effective, reliable and fully-managed by the Infonas team – we take care of everything. Customers are able to keep their existing phone numbers and you continue to dial international calls in your usual way.  Your existing telecom service provider will automatically route your international calls via our network to enable you to realise substantial cost savings.

The order process is simple and your existing telephone lines will still be owned, managed and invoiced by your existing telecom service provider, but all international calls will be billed to you via Infonas.

Through Infonas’s CPS service, customers benefit from:

  • Instant (and considerable) cost savings with our competitive international rates
  • No setup costs and no local service provider changes needed
  • No change in existing landline and extension numbers
  • No installation of onsite equipment
  • No prefix dialing (before international calls)
  • No fixed or locked contract term
  • High quality, secure and clear voice connections
  • Unified rates with no peak timings
Infonas Carrier Pre-Select Quality Guarantee

Infonas knows that the quality of voice calls is of paramount importance to our customers. With critical business discussions taking place via telephone, customers understandably expect seamlessly clear conversations as part of their daily business activities. That is why Infonas guarantees, as part of our CPS premium rates, that we do not route your call over the Internet. All of our international carrier partners are interconnected to us via direct and reliable transmission E1 trunks or IP trunks over private and direct connections. This in turn ensures that your important voice traffic does not suffer any degradation in call quality.