• PBX


    Businesses that prefer their phone system physically located on-site, yet wish to remain worry-free about configuration and provisioning the system, can benefit from Infonas’s Managed PBX Services. With a managed phone system, dedicated equipment is installed at your premises and is seamlessly integrated with your existing infrastructure and network….

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  • CPS


    Consider Infonas’s Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) to enjoy international calls without the inconvenience of changing your local supplier. CPS is an extremely beneficial telecommunications service which enables customers to choose Infonas to carry their international calls without any additional headaches such as auto-dialers, manual prefixing or PBX reprogramming. This service is…

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  • Voice P2P


    Infonas can provide point-to-point, dedicated, secure and reliable 64K local or international voice channels. Our carrier-grade voice network provides crystal clear telephone communication over reliable network-to-network interconnects with our international partner carriers. Infonas’s extensive network assures our clients of:A system which interfaces directly with your financial trading platform through FSX…

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  • Voice Trunks


    We can assist by either adding the legacy Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Trunk to your existing PBX or by selecting the more advanced SIP Trunk option.  The result will be the optimization of your network capacity and the provision of increased flexibility of your existing PBX or key system…

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