Manager, Wholesale and Carrier Relations


Main purpose

Front the relationship with Local and Global Carriers and grow the International Business.


Scope of the Job

Interaction with Telecoms Carriers (locally and Globally) to maintain the relationship and drive business opportunities.


Main Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Formulate a strategy for improving revenue streams from the Wholesale Business and National and International carrier relations business.
  • Establish and maintain a strong business relationship with International Carriers and local operators.
  • Regularly meet with local operators and International Carriers to discuss capacity requirements, negotiate prices, pre-empt possible problems, suggest the appropriate solution and promote all products/services as they become available.
  • Manage, review and finalize NDA’s, contracts and commercial agreements associated with wholesale, international and carrier relations business.
  • Carry out all necessary studies, analyses and cost calculations with the aim of minimizing the cost of international products and services
  • Lead on all issues relating to International Route Management and International Relations business.
  • Represent Infonas in the international global gatherings, conferences, and meetings.
  • Develop, implement and manage plans, budgets & targets related to the international wholesale business in line with the overall strategy.
  • Create and maintain a strategic account development plan to satisfy needs in line with Infonas business plans on a win/win situation.
  • Develop internal processes within Infonas to meet and support Carrier accounts effectively.
  • Build a good knowledge of the market environment in which the carriers and operators are operating.
  • Close the knowledge gap of the subordinate in the wholesale and carrier relations, as well as the other related departments in the company.
  • Ensure that all services provided for the local operators and Carriers are achieved in accordance with Infonas service delivery and assurance policy.
  • Entertain customers as and when necessary in order to build a strong relationship with the customer.
  • Give a presentation at least twice a year to Infonas executives to explore the overall market situation and business opportunities.
  • Occasional visit to overseas customers approximately three times a year.
  • Participate in arising International Business opportunities, including costing, pricing and proposal preparation.
  • Handle all US Federal business in this region.
  • Ensure maintaining a database of carrier quotations, proposals and prices for the different locations, countries, and speeds explored.
  • Ensure maintaining an active tracker of ongoing service orders from/to Carriers in relation to international business with clear diagrams illustrating the utilized and free capacities for each link.
  • Ensure all Carrier Invoices are reconciled against existing services and that issues are disputed, and overall amounts are netted properly
  • Ensure Carrier Agreements are up-to-date and reviewed from time to time to reflect the current SLAs and customer expectations.
  • Align Infonas Operational procedures with committed and expected SLAs.
  • Lead the preparation of budgets relating to the wholesale and international services
  • To act as single point of contact for the major account customer at all time (including after duty hours).


Problem-solving & decision making

  • Handles problems associated with:
  • Local Operators and International Carriers
  • Service Escalations
  • Is required to take decisions independently in connection with:
  • Pricing and costing of International Services
  • Strategic plans related to Wholesale Business and National Carrier business


Key Competencies

  • Organizational & Planning Skills
  • Excellent communication skills, spoken and written, in Arabic and English
  • Negotiation Skills


Experience, Education & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Telecommunications or Business.
  • Post-graduate Degree is preferred
  • Understanding of Telecommunications Concepts, Jargon, Products and Services
  • 3 to 5 Years’ experience in business /sales role, with substantial portion in Telecommunications Sector


Working conditions

  • Standard Working Hours
  • Frequently Work after hours to communicate with Customers from different Time Zones
  • Frequent Business Travels with extensive meetings schedule
  • Frequently work after hours or during holidays to address arising urgent matters or work on business proposals with aggressive timelines



If you think you meet the above criteria, send your details to with a Reference Code: WCR-006

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