Legal & Regulatory Officer


Main purpose

Front and handle all correspondence with Regulator and ensure compliance with Industry regulations.


Scope of the Job

Interface with internal departments and external legal counsel to ensure compliance with Telecoms Regulatory Authority regulations, requests, and License Obligations.


Main Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Front & Document all correspondence with Telecoms Regulatory Authority (TRA), whether by letters, emails, surveys, etc.
  • Process Article 53 Requests for Information, which includes
  • Work with internal departments to gather data (Network, Commercial and Financial data)
  • Process information to ensure it is in the format sought by the TRA
  • Answers to Questionnaires, Surveys, meetings, etc
  • Ensure the information and properly presented in the format sought by the TRA.
  • Work with internal departments to ensure data is properly recorded and ready to be fetched upon receipt of Article 53 Requests from the TRA.
  • Monitor existing databases and impose controls to ensure compliance and avoid last-minute manual work.
  • Ensure overall Compliance with TRA Regulations and License Obligations, which include
  • Monitor and control internal and external documentation (Forms, email templates, Tables, etc)
  • Ensure Compliance with TRA Security regulations, Lawful Access regulations, etc
  • Review and develop internal processes and policies to ensure compliance with TRA regulations and License Obligations
  • Prepare written responses to issues raised by the TRA in that aspect
  • Undertake investigations related to non-compliance, identify issues and seek to resolve problems in a timely manner in line with regulatory requirements
  • Review & negotiate Standard Terms, and Master Agreements with Other Operators and Partners to ensure mutually favorable terms. This will require interaction with internal teams in relation to Service Levels and Internal Processes and external Legal Counsel.
  • Undertake investigations related to non-compliance, identify issues and seek to resolve problems in a timely manner in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Interact with internal departments to gather information relating to the Market, Consultations, Complaints, issues and prepare written submissions to the TRA.
  • Carry out various regulatory tasks when required.
  • Work with Network Team, Regulator and other authorities to process MW links/ Type Approval requests and maintain related tracker
  • Maintain proper documentation and tracker showing pending, completed and upcoming requests, issues, complaints or other matters with the Regulator.


Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Handles problems associated with:
  • Non-compliance of regulations
  • Inaccurate or missing Information in internal systems
  • Is required to take decisions independently in connection with:
  • Legal matters


Key Competencies

  • Analytical ability, attention to detail, logical reasoning, persuasiveness, sound judgment, and excellent writing ability in Arabic and English


Experience, Education & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Business from recognized university
  • Telecommunications Background and technical understanding of Telecom Jargon, concepts, products, services and Technologies
  • Legal Background and understanding of the Telecommunications Law, Regulations and policies
  • Knowledge of Bahrain ICT regulatory framework and International Best Practices
  • 4 years of relevant regulatory experience in a telecoms company.


Working conditions

  • Normal Hours in most situations. Might require working after duty and during holidays/vacations to address urgent regulatory issues or matters with aggressive timelines.


If you think you meet the above criteria, send your details to with a Reference Code: LRO-004

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